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About Penn's Vector Core

The Penn Vector Core is a full-service viral vector core facility located on the University of Pennsylvania's campus. With more than three decades of experience in the production of viral-based vectors, the core has become an important technological resource for investigators, within and external to the University of Pennsylvania, who are interested in the use of viral-based vectors for gene transfer. 

The core's main objective is to provide investigators with access to state-of-the-art vector technology for preclinical studies and other basic research applications. Such studies, utilizing carefully designed viral vectors, can provide information critical to understanding gene function and the development of therapeutic vectors. 

The Penn Vector Core specializes in the provision of novel AAV serotype vectors and has the greatest experience in producing novel serotype vectors developed at Penn. AAV 1, 7, 8, 9, and rh10 were originally isolated at Penn in the laboratory of Dr. James Wilson and first made available to investigators through the Penn Vector Core. Due to its proximity to the Wilson Lab, the core can rapidly assimilate new vector technologies and make them available to its users. In addition to these serotypes, the core also offers manufacturing of AAV2, AAV2-retro, AAV5, AAV6, AAV6.2, rh10, hu11, Cap-B10, Cap-B22, MaCPNS1, MaCPNS2, and the PHP variants (PHP.B, PHP.eB, PHP.S). 

All vectors generated by the Penn Vector Core are distributed under material transfer agreements (MTAs) to academic, government, and nonprofit institutions. The core has also established a corporate MTA to help with for-profit company requests. 

Vector Core Inventory Catalog

The Penn Vector Core is pleased to partner with Addgene to provide greater access to high-quality AAV vectors for the research community. Our inventory vectors have been added to Addgene’s catalog. If you don't find your vector of interest within Addgene, please contact us. The Penn Vector Core will continue to produce the same high quality viral vectors for distribution through Addgene as well as continue to provide custom vector production services to researchers worldwide.

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