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Publication 8/29/2011

Human CRB1-associated retinal degeneration: comparison with the rd8 Crb1-mutant mouse model.

Aleman TS, Cideciyan AV, Aguirre GK, Huang WC, Mullins CL, Roman AJ, Sumaroka A, Olivares MB, Tsai FF, Schwartz SB, Vandenberghe LH, Limberis MP, Stone EM, Bell P, Wilson JM, Jacobson SG

Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science

Publication 8/16/2011

Identification and functional characterization in vivo of a novel splice variant of LDLR in rhesus macaques.

Kassim SH, Vandenberghe LH, Hovhannisyan R, Wilson JM, Rader DJ

Physiological Genomics

Publication 8/01/2011

Evaluation of adeno-associated viral vectors for liver-directed gene transfer in dogs.

Bell P, Gao G, Haskins ME, Wang L, Sleeper M, Wang H, Calcedo R, Vandenberghe LH, Chen SJ, Weisse C, Withnall E, Wilson JM

Human Gene Therapy

Publication 8/01/2011

Cardiac gene transfer of short hairpin RNA directed against phospholamban effectively knocks down gene expression but causes cellular toxicity in canines.

Bish LT, Sleeper MM, Reynolds C, Gazzara J, Withnall E, Singletary GE, Buchlis G, Hui D, High KA, Gao G, Wilson JM, Sweeney HL

Human Gene Therapy

Publication 8/01/2011

Construction of gene transfer vectors based on simian adenovirus 7.

Roy S, Clawson DS, Adam VS, Medina A, Wilson JM

The Journal Of General Virology

Publication 7/01/2011

Inflammation promotes the loss of adeno-associated virus-mediated transgene expression in mouse liver.

Breous E, Somanathan S, Bell P, Wilson JM