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Publication 11/01/2011

Impact of pre-existing immunity on gene transfer to nonhuman primate liver with adeno-associated virus 8 vectors.

Wang L, Calcedo R, Bell P, Lin J, Grant RL, Siegel DL, Wilson JM

Human Gene Therapy

Publication 11/01/2011

AAV8-mediated hepatic gene transfer in infant rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta).

Wang L, Bell P, Lin J, Calcedo R, Tarantal AF, Wilson JM

Molecular Therapy : The Journal Of The American Society Of Gene Therapy

Publication 10/01/2011

Phase 2 clinical trial of a recombinant adeno-associated viral vector expressing α1-antitrypsin: interim results.

Flotte TR, Trapnell BC, Humphries M, Carey B, Calcedo R, Rouhani F, Campbell-Thompson M, Yachnis AT, Sandhaus RA, McElvaney NG, Mueller C, Messina LM, Wilson JM, Brantly M, Knop DR, Ye GJ, Chulay JD

Human Gene Therapy

Publication 9/01/2011

Adeno-associated virus antibody profiles in newborns, children, and adolescents.

Calcedo R, Morizono H, Wang L, McCarter R, He J, Jones D, Batshaw ML, Wilson JM

Clinical And Vaccine Immunology : Cvi

Publication 8/01/2011

Evaluation of adeno-associated viral vectors for liver-directed gene transfer in dogs.

Bell P, Gao G, Haskins ME, Wang L, Sleeper M, Wang H, Calcedo R, Vandenberghe LH, Chen SJ, Weisse C, Withnall E, Wilson JM

Human Gene Therapy

Publication 6/22/2011

Dosage thresholds for AAV2 and AAV8 photoreceptor gene therapy in monkey.

Vandenberghe LH, Bell P, Maguire AM, Cearley CN, Xiao R, Calcedo R, Wang L, Castle MJ, Maguire AC, Grant R, Wolfe JH, Wilson JM, Bennett J

Science Translational Medicine