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Publication 12/01/2007

The p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathway is coupled to Toll-like receptor 5 to mediate gene regulation in response to Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in human airway epithelial cells.

Zhang Z, Reenstra W, Weiner DJ, Louboutin JP, Wilson JM

Infection And Immunity

Publication 11/15/2007

Mucosal delivery of adenovirus-based vaccine protects against Ebola virus infection in mice.

Patel A, Zhang Y, Croyle M, Tran K, Gray M, Strong J, Feldmann H, Wilson JM, Kobinger GP

The Journal Of Infectious Diseases

Publication 11/01/2007

Vaccines based on novel adeno-associated virus vectors elicit aberrant CD8+ T-cell responses in mice.

Lin J, Zhi Y, Mays L, Wilson JM

Journal Of Virology

Publication 11/01/2007

Pulmonary delivery of adenovirus vector formulated with dexamethasone-spermine facilitates homologous vector re-administration.

Price AR, Limberis MP, Wilson JM, Diamond SL

Gene Therapy

Publication 11/01/2007

Progress and prospects: gene therapy clinical trials (part 2).

Aiuti A, Bachoud-Lévi AC, Blesch A, Brenner MK, Cattaneo F, Chiocca EA, Gao G, High KA, Leen AM, Lemoine NR, McNeish IA, Meneguzzi G, Peschanski M, Roncarolo MG, Strayer DS, Tuszynski MH, Waxman DJ, Wilson JM

Gene Therapy

Publication 10/01/2007

Novel adeno-associated virus serotypes efficiently transduce murine photoreceptors.

Allocca M, Mussolino C, Garcia-Hoyos M, Sanges D, Iodice C, Petrillo M, Vandenberghe LH, Wilson JM, Marigo V, Surace EM, Auricchio A

Journal Of Virology