Publication 12/15/2003

Induction of CD8+ T cells to an HIV-1 antigen through a prime boost regimen with heterologous E1-deleted adenoviral vaccine carriers.

Pinto AR, Fitzgerald JC, Giles-Davis W, Gao GP, Wilson JM, Ertl HC

Journal Of Immunology

Publication 12/01/2003

In vivo somatic cell gene transfer of an engineered Noggin mutein prevents BMP4-induced heterotopic ossification.

Glaser DL, Economides AN, Wang L, Liu X, Kimble RD, Fandl JP, Wilson JM, Stahl N, Kaplan FS, Shore EM

The Journal Of Bone And Joint Surgery. American Volume

Publication 11/01/2003

Lentiviral vectors pseudotyped with minimal filovirus envelopes increased gene transfer in murine lung.

Medina MF, Kobinger GP, Rux J, Gasmi M, Looney DJ, Bates P, Wilson JM

Molecular Therapy : The Journal Of The American Society Of Gene Therapy

Publication 10/15/2003

Mucosally delivered E1-deleted adenoviral vaccine carriers induce transgene product-specific antibody responses in neonatal mice.

Xiang Z, Li Y, Gao G, Wilson JM, Ertl HC

Journal Of Immunology

Publication 10/10/2003

Correction of the dystrophic phenotype by in vivo targeting of muscle progenitor cells.

Kobinger GP, Louboutin JP, Barton ER, Sweeney HL, Wilson JM

Human Gene Therapy

Publication 10/01/2003

High throughput creation of recombinant adenovirus vectors by direct cloning, green-white selection and I-Sce I-mediated rescue of circular adenovirus plasmids in 293 cells.

Gao G, Zhou X, Alvira MR, Tran P, Marsh J, Lynd K, Xiao W, Wilson JM

Gene Therapy