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Publication 5/29/2013

Intranasal antibody gene transfer in mice and ferrets elicits broad protection against pandemic influenza.

Limberis MP, Adam VS, Wong G, Gren J, Kobasa D, Ross TM, Kobinger GP, Tretiakova A, Wilson JM

Science Translational Medicine

Publication 11/15/2007

Mucosal delivery of adenovirus-based vaccine protects against Ebola virus infection in mice.

Patel A, Zhang Y, Croyle M, Tran K, Gray M, Strong J, Feldmann H, Wilson JM, Kobinger GP

The Journal Of Infectious Diseases

Publication 9/28/2007

Partial protection against H5N1 influenza in mice with a single dose of a chimpanzee adenovirus vector expressing nucleoprotein.

Roy S, Kobinger GP, Lin J, Figueredo J, Calcedo R, Kobasa D, Wilson JM


Publication 7/09/2007

Adenovirus-based vaccine prevents pneumonia in ferrets challenged with the SARS coronavirus and stimulates robust immune responses in macaques.

Kobinger GP, Figueredo JM, Rowe T, Zhi Y, Gao G, Sanmiguel JC, Bell P, Wivel NA, Zitzow LA, Flieder DB, Hogan RJ, Wilson JM


Publication 5/01/2007

Human immunodeficiency viral vector pseudotyped with the spike envelope of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus transduces human airway epithelial cells and dendritic cells.

Kobinger GP, Limberis MP, Somanathan S, Schumer G, Bell P, Wilson JM

Human Gene Therapy

Publication 4/01/2007

Gene transfer in human skin with different pseudotyped HIV-based vectors.

Hachiya A, Sriwiriyanont P, Patel A, Saito N, Ohuchi A, Kitahara T, Takema Y, Tsuboi R, Boissy RE, Visscher MO, Wilson JM, Kobinger GP

Gene Therapy