Publication 8/01/2013

Enhancing the utility of adeno-associated virus gene transfer through inducible tissue-specific expression.

Chen SJ, Johnston J, Sandhu A, Bish LT, Hovhannisyan R, Jno-Charles O, Sweeney HL, Wilson JM

Human Gene Therapy Methods

Publication 12/01/2009

Naturally occurring singleton residues in AAV capsid impact vector performance and illustrate structural constraints.

Vandenberghe LH, Breous E, Nam HJ, Gao G, Xiao R, Sandhu A, Johnston J, Debyser Z, Agbandje-McKenna M, Wilson JM

Gene Therapy

Publication 1/23/2008

Specific AAV serotypes stably transduce primary hippocampal and cortical cultures with high efficiency and low toxicity.

Royo NC, Vandenberghe LH, Ma JY, Hauspurg A, Yu L, Maronski M, Johnston J, Dichter MA, Wilson JM, Watson DJ

Brain Research

Publication 9/01/2007

A comparative analysis of novel fluorescent proteins as reporters for gene transfer studies.

Bell P, Vandenberghe LH, Wu D, Johnston J, Limberis M, Wilson JM

The Journal Of Histochemistry And Cytochemistry : Official Journal Of The Histochemistry Society

Publication 8/01/2006

Heparin binding directs activation of T cells against adeno-associated virus serotype 2 capsid.

Vandenberghe LH, Wang L, Somanathan S, Zhi Y, Figueredo J, Calcedo R, Sanmiguel J, Desai RA, Chen CS, Johnston J, Grant RL, Gao G, Wilson JM

Nature Medicine

Publication 6/01/2006

High-level transgene expression in nonhuman primate liver with novel adeno-associated virus serotypes containing self-complementary genomes.

Gao GP, Lu Y, Sun X, Johnston J, Calcedo R, Grant R, Wilson JM

Journal Of Virology