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Publication 8/01/2006

Complete prevention of atherosclerosis in apoE-deficient mice by hepatic human apoE gene transfer with adeno-associated virus serotypes 7 and 8.

Kitajima K, Marchadier DH, Miller GC, Gao GP, Wilson JM, Rader DJ

Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, And Vascular Biology

Publication 7/01/2006

Long-term correction of ammonia metabolism and prolonged survival in ornithine transcarbamylase-deficient mice following liver-directed treatment with adeno-associated viral vectors.

Moscioni D, Morizono H, McCarter RJ, Stern A, Cabrera-Luque J, Hoang A, Sanmiguel J, Wu D, Bell P, Gao GP, Raper SE, Wilson JM, Batshaw ML

Molecular Therapy : The Journal Of The American Society Of Gene Therapy

Publication 6/01/2006

High-level transgene expression in nonhuman primate liver with novel adeno-associated virus serotypes containing self-complementary genomes.

Gao GP, Lu Y, Sun X, Johnston J, Calcedo R, Grant R, Wilson JM

Journal Of Virology

Publication 3/01/2006

Chimpanzee-origin adenovirus vectors as vaccine carriers.

Tatsis N, Tesema L, Robinson ER, Giles-Davis W, McCoy K, Gao GP, Wilson JM, Ertl HC

Gene Therapy

Publication 8/01/2005

No evidence for tumorigenesis of AAV vectors in a large-scale study in mice.

Bell P, Wang L, Lebherz C, Flieder DB, Bove MS, Wu D, Gao GP, Wilson JM, Wivel NA

Molecular Therapy : The Journal Of The American Society Of Gene Therapy

Publication 3/01/2005

Innate immune responses to adenoviral vector-mediated acute pancreatitis.

Shifrin AL, Chirmule N, Gao GP, Wilson JM, Raper SE