Pathology Core

The Pathology Core provides one-stop shopping to GTP investigators for all histology-related work, ranging from tissue collection, processing and staining to microscopy and image analysis.

The services provided by the Pathology Core support evaluation of vector tropism and transgene expression (types of organs and cells that are transduced), efficacy of gene therapy (correction of pathology in disease models), and safety of gene transfer studies (pharm/tox studies usually under GLP).

Transgenes expressed after vector administration are typically detected by immunostaining and/or in situ hybridization. To evaluate tissue pathology, routine H&E staining and a wide variety of special stains and immunostains are applied. The Pathology Core also operates a dedicated GLP lab for IND-enabling toxicology studies.

Services Performed

  • Tissue collection
  • Routine and special stains
  • Immunostaining (immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry)
  • In situ hybridization (RNA, vector DNA)
  • Reporter gene detection (GFP, LacZ)
  • Enzyme activity stains (e.g. OTC, GUSB)
  • Thin (plastic) sections
  • Sample preparation for electron microscopy (ultramicrotome sectioning & staining, negative staining of vector preps)
  • Fluorescence and brightfield microscopy, slide scanning
  • Image analysis and morphometry
  • GLP-compliant histology work for safety studies

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