Immunology Core

The mission of the Immunology Core is to analyze and evaluate host immune responses before and after adeno-associated viral vector (AAV) administration, and to gauge its impact on gene therapy treatment.

The Core evaluates humoral and cellular immune responses in body fluids and lymphocytes, respectively. Humoral immune response to AAV capsid is evaluated by an in vitro neutralizing antibody assay. T-cell responses to AAV capsid and to the therapeutic gene are evaluated by cytokine release after specific antigen stimulation.

Body fluids are collected and T cells are isolated from different organs/tissues depending on the route of vector administration and target of gene therapy treatment.

Services Performed

B cell assays

AAV neutralizing antibody assay ( AAV serotype specific)

AAV binding antibody assay (AAV serotype specific)


T cell assays


Intracellular Cytokine assay

Lymphocyte isolation from blood and tissues

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Contact Information

Jessica A. Chichester, PhD

Senior Director, Immunology Core


Phone: 215-746-6357