Resource Technologist C, Preclinical Vector

Posted 6/25/2018

Produce and purify research grade AAV Vectors for pre-clinical, IND-enabling pharmacology and Toxicology Studeies. Qualifying candidates will have a Bachelor's degree and 5 to 7 years of experience.

Senior Research Investigator, Vector Discovery

Posted 6/25/2018

Conduct bench research to develop the next generation of AAV vectors and genome editing technology. Qualifying canidates will possess a Ph. D. and 5 or more years of relevant research experience.

Research Specialist B, Vector Discovery

Posted 6/25/2018

Plan, Conduct, and analyze experiments aimed at the development of new gene therapy applications for discovery/genome editing research. Qualifying candidates will possess a Bachelor's degree and 1 to 2 years of molecular biology or biochemist

Research Specialist D, Translational Research

Posted 6/25/2018

Support translational research efforts in the areas of airway/pulmonary disease models and airborn infectious disease by performing advanced experiments and designing in vitro and in vivo studies. Qualifying candidates will posess a Master's degree, 3 or more years of experience in research, and experience in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.

Director, Regulatory Affairs

Posted 5/08/2018

Help navigate research teams through the pre-IND and IND filing process for Phase I/II human clinical trials and beyond. Qualifying candidates must have Master's Degree and 5 to 7 years of experience working in a regulatory capacity in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry required.

Contract Administrator

Posted 5/08/2018

Partner with the Executive Director of Legal Affairs, GTP Leadership, and Penn Center for Innovation to support the execution of contracts as they pertain to research within GTP. Qualifying candidates will have a High School Diploma and 5 to 7 years of relevant experience

Scientific Communications Specialist

Posted 5/08/2018

Partner with staff and scientists to manage work flow and provide full service editorial support for all internal and external publiciations, written communications, oral presentations, website, and posters. Qualifying candidates will have a Bachelor's degree with 3 to 5 years of relevant experience.

Patent Agent

Posted 5/08/2018

Partner with our discovery and translational teams to assist in the development of patent applications to protect the Intelectual Property of GTP. Qualifying candidates will have a Master's Degree in life science with 5 to 7 years of research and patent-related experience required.

Senior Toxicologist

Posted 3/27/2018

Support IND enabling studies by leading all aspects of toxicology for numerous nonclinical prgrams. Qualifying candidates will have a Ph. D. in toxicology and 5+ years of experience in Toxicology required.

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